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When I found out that I was pregnant with my first son, I moved to Cleveland, Ohio where Hubby found a good job.  I didn’t know anyone in Cleveland and was scared out of my mind knowing that I wouldn’t have any help from family or friends during my pregnancy or after my son was born.  I did what all expectant and experienced mothers do these days when looking for others that have been through similar situations….. I started browsing online.  While hubby was at work I was at home bored and panicking about everything. 

One thing that I have always loved and that made me happy was getting mail!  I began to look up free samples and see if there were any legit ones that I might be able to sign up for.  While looking I came across an online group called “Deals & Steals”.  In order to become part of the group, I had to sign up for the website that the group belonged to.  That site is Cafemom

 For the first few months all I did was follow the “Deals & Steals” group which is set up like a forum and people post freebies, coupon links, frugal tips, recipes, product testing opportunities etc. .  Basically whatever you would find on a deal blog such as this one but at the time there weren’t many coupon match-ups to go along with the store sales. 

There was however this member, Sati, who would always post photos of her shopping trips to CVS and she would do a breakdown of what she did.  I was AMAZED to say the least.  This was in 2008 and the first time that I ever even thought about using a coupon or really understood anything about them.  Who knew that someone could walk out of a store with $100 worth of stuff that they paid pennies for and then get some type of store credit back?!?!?! 

I became a little obsessed with following the deals that Sati got and when she stared a new money saving group on Cafemom I was one of the first people to sign up!  I then realized that there must be other groups on Cafemom about couponing and saving money.  I was right, there were a bunch.  Some were specific to certain stores, some just about frugal recipes, others were just for freebies and my favorites were for coupon trading and coupon trains.  Once I thought that I understood how coupons worked I started shopping at CVS and back then they had higher limits on freebies  and the deals were AMAZING! 

I will always love Cafemom as it is the reason that I am able to feed my family today and why I have the knowledge to share deals with you all on my blog.  That is why when I received an email today that Cafemom was added to my affiliate list I was excited.  I have already been planning to give you my Cafemom story anyway so I had to jump on the opportunity.  I don’t think that they expected me to write such a long and personal post but it really is one of my favorite websites. 

There are SO much more than just money saving ideas and groups on Cafemom.  My favorite part of the site are of course the groups.  There are literally groups for EVERYTHING and EVERYONE!  I won’t even begin to list any because the list is so long but I highly recommend that you check out all that the groups have to offer.  They also have advice columns, polls, games and a bunch of other perks. 

One last thing that I will mention since this post is getting super long is to be sure that you click on the option for receiving free sample opportunities.  I can’t quite rememeber how it is worded in the registration form as it has been years but Cafemom has a product testing program called the “Cafemom influencers” and they have you try the best stuff that i’ve seen any other product testing group offer.  Things like $100 gift cards to clothing stores, huge doll houses, Shutterfly photo books ( the $60 ones!) and a TON more!  You do have to have decent spelling and grammar to be chosen though as well as a semi active member on Cafemom

Longest website review ever huh?!?! :)   Let me know what you think if you join!

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