LOZO – All Printable Coupons In One Place + Get Emailed Coupons That You Want

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LOZO offers an exclusive service that allows you to receive grocery coupons via email. LOZO tracks hundreds of free grocery coupons from multiple coupon sources. Start by entering your grocery list and when they find a coupon that matches an item on your grocery list, they’ll email it to you. Simple and easy.”

Go here to sign up for LOZO and start entering which items or brands that you would like to find coupons for.  You will then be emailed when LOZO finds a printable coupon for those items.  You can also find a ton of printable coupons on LOZO.  It looks like they combined the coupons found on the 4 main coupon sites so you don’t have to search from site to site.  I just signed up and am curious to see how useful this site is!

Anyone already a member?  Please share your thoughts in the comments below.

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