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*Go here to read more about my “Get To Know Your Local Bloggers” series*

This weeks first blogger to be featured is Jennifer from Simply Family Savings!

Blog address –

My Quick Review:  What was life like before Simply Family Savings?!?!  I can’t even remember.  One of the most important and helpful areas to save money in is groceries.  Jennifer receives the Tops Markets ad earlier than the rest of us and she is SO awesome to take her time and scan the ad so that we can get a sneak peek every week.  You like those rhyming skills? ;)  Even when her family was sick for weeks on end and she didn’t have time to blog, she still made sure to get the ad previews up for us to help us and our families.  When she gets the chance, Jennifer will post match-ups, her shopping trips and other neat posts.  I really enjoyed her recent “Last Minute Teacher Gift” post and thought that was adorable. Jennifer has much more to offer but I will let you hear about it in her own words…..

What is your name?

Where are you located?
Eastern Suburbs of Rochester

Do you work outside of the home?

Do you have any children and/or pets?
3 kids; 2 girls, ages 9 and 5, and a son 7 years old.
3 Labrador retrievers currently reside with us, 2 we own, and a foster dog who we are fostering for a local dog rescue group.

What are some of your favorite things to do when you aren’t blogging?
I love to quilt, and I am really looking forward to starting up a bed sized quilt after the holidays! I also am a huge fan of crafting, with cheap items from the Dollar store. I also enjoy baking, and reading.

Why did you start your blog?
I had actually played with the idea of blogging specifically to help a friend who was interested in couponing, but was frustrated with the planning aspects of. It was in an online web forum when I realized many couponers are scrambling at the beginning of the week to get their coupons and lists together, and even a couple of extra days of planning can translate into a much more successful shopping trip. Originally the only purpose of Simply Family Savings was a place to post the Tops ad when it becomes available to me, I really had no higher aspirations for it, but I have really enjoyed it and now consider it to be a work in progress.

What is your favorite part about blogging?
Meeting new people and hearing about other’s savings.

Which stores do you do your own coupon match-ups for?
When I have time occasionally I will do some matchups for Tops.

Approximately how many times do you post a week?
Umm, did I mention I post the Tops ad EARLY ?? LOL
Seriously, I would like to post more, but right now it is only a few times a week.

Do you have any special features on your blog?
Tops ad EARLY :)

Do you use coupons on every shopping trip?
I would say there is at least one coupon involved it at 90% of my transactions. I do not use coupons on every single item.

What is your favorite item to find a coupon for?
Quilting items, it is such an expensive hobby, and I consider it a splurge. I only purchase deeply discounted fabrics and tools, and closely watch for sales.
My favorite items to stockpile are cereals and laundry detergents, so I am always excited when there is a good deal for those.

Do you have a set grocery budget each month?
I do try to set a budget each month, I set aside $15 a month for drugstore shopping.
And $70-$75 dollars a week for groceries. One of my goals for 2012 is one shopping free week a month. I have a well rounded stockpile which enables me to just shop the best deals of the week and to replenish my perishables.
(I think it is important to note, we do not purchase beef or pork. We raise our own :) )

On average how much do you save on your grocery bill?
A lot! One of my last weekly shopping trips before I started couponing was over $200(now remember I do not buy beef and pork!), I clearly remember standing at the checkout and being disgusted, I thought there had to be a smarter way to shop.

What is your favorite store to shop at for deals?
Tops is my favorite to coupon at.

If you could pass on one tip to people trying to save money, what would it be?
Find a couponing/savings buddy. It sounds silly, but this has been incredibly helpful to me personally. You can swap coupons, look at sales ads together (2 heads are always better then one). Go shopping together, black Friday was much more manageable with 2 of us. And keep each other motivated!
Plus friends who don’t coupon don’t really care that you just spent 20 minutes looking for a coupon you did not even get in your region, and don’t want to hear about it.

Do you have a favorite frugal recipe?

What is the most frugal thing that you do?
One of the most frugal things I thought I was doing was raising a flock of 12 chickens for eggs. Turns out chicken feed costs just as much a week as eggs at the grocery store. What I did learn in the process was that even though there where no savings, I loved the chickens and fresh eggs are so good. So I considered it a win!

What are some of your favorite money saving websites aside from your own?
I love Dollar Store Crafts for inexpensive crafting ideas. IheartCVS, and all the CNY bloggers

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3. Leave a comment on THIS post letting me know that you did everything required in step 1 & 2 to enter.

The Giveaway will last until Thursday, December 29th @ 11:59 PM EST.  The winner of this coupon giveaway will receive an envelope of coupons.  The amount of coupons that will be won depends on the amount of people that enter the giveaway.  I will start each envelope off with 15 coupons and one coupon will be added for every person that enters!

**Keep an eye out this Thursday for our next local blogger, The Frugal Buffalonian !**

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9 thoughts on “Get To Know Your Local Bloggers – Simply Family Savings

  1. MichelleK

    I LOVE Jennifer’s blog… love the Tops ad EARLY… I am already a subscriber and comment regularly – including her most recent post!! Thank you again for doing this Amanda!!!

  2. Starr

    I am Jennifer’s #1 fan!!! Great interview Jen! I did steps 1 and 2 and wouldn’t mind an envy of coupons to get me back on track for the new yr. !! thanks!

  3. Angel Alexis

    Hey Jenn,

    Thanks again for all your posts! Could’nt have saved soooo much without you! Step 1 and 2 are all complete for me. Thanks again : )

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  5. Rachel

    I get so excited excited when I read all these interviews! Thanks for introducing us to so many new blogs, Amanada. I went ahead and did #’s 1 & 2.


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